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Verses to live by

Christian Music
  • Rock/Alternative/Metal
  • Contemparary Christian
  • Praise Songs & Tabs
  • Rockin' With The Cross



  • Christian Music
    Some pages in this section are still under construction

    A list of Alternative, Rock, and Heavy Metal christian groups.
    Such groups as Newsboys, DC Talk, Bleach, Jars of Clay, Alabaster Box
    and Amplified Bible are in this catagory.

    Contemparary Christian
    A list of Contemparary Christian groups and singers.
    Such groups and individuals as Michael W. Smith, Carman, Jennifer Knapp, and Rebecca St. James are in this catagory.

    Praise Songs & Tabs
    A list of praise songs with the lyrics and chords. This page also contains guitar tabs for songs other than praise songs.

    Rockin' With The Cross
    The best site I've ever seen for Christian music guitar tabs and such